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Material and Publications

Final Evaluation: Zimbabwe (2011)

ZWE-1032: The cholera epidemic was the death of many people in Zimbabwe. Welthungerhilfe wants to save lifes with access to clean water and sufficient hygiene for everybody.

2012 evaluation zwe1058 zimbabwe en

This report aims to evaluate Welthungerhilfe's efforts to save lifes with acces to clean water and sufficient hygiene for everybody in Zimbabwe. The countrywide Cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe of 2008/09 marked the failure to deliver basic services in the country's water and sanitation infrastructure, which had led to loss of a significant number of preventable lives. Despite improvements since then, there are still communities at high risk from communicable disease. Simultaneously engaging in several interconnected activities, joint Health and WASH, as well as linking relief and development could mitigate this. Lern more about how Welthungerhilfe helps.

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Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

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