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A farmer in Sodo, Ethiopia, working on her field

Benefits for Students, Trainees and Volunteers

Everything about your job at Welthungerhilfe

As your employer, Welthungerhilfe offers you a wide variety of benefits. This is an overview of all benefits available to you.

We offer new employees a familiarisation period in our head office in Bonn–Bad Godesberg, where you get your first insight into how Welthungerhilfe works at the organisational level and what its various divisions are responsible for.

PAF meetings take place on the first Tuesday evening of every month. They are attended by interns, trainees and FSJ volunteers working at Welthungerhilfe. The meetings are for making connections and sharing experiences; special topics are discussed as necessary.

After your employment at Welthungerhilfe ends, you will receive an official certificate for the work you performed.

During your time with us, internal and external employees will bring presentations on special topics as well as reports from the field to offer you an interesting look at the daily operations of an aid organisation.

Our internal structure and collaborative atmosphere permit you to make inter-departmental contacts and gain experience in other domains.

We offer you a flexible system that allows you to choose your working hours with a great deal of independence. The contractual working hours can be flexibly fulfilled between 6:00 and 21:00. There is no core time.

Our offices in Bonn–Bad Godesberg and Berlin Mitte offer you ideal connections to the regional commuting network. Each is only a few minutes away from the city centre and local amenities.

In Bonn, you and your colleagues have access to a football table for use during breaks and for an occasional change in pace.

Welthungerhilfe stages annual events for its employees, such as parties in the summer, at Christmas, or for carnival. It is also possible to take part in athletic events as a group (e.g. Zero Hunger Run, Post-Marathon, corporate challenges, ICC Football Cup for NGOs in Bonn).

Welthungerhilfe has its own choir that performs at internal events. The choir is happy for each new voice.

At our Bonn office, you have access to a relaxation room. For a fee, you can make an appointment for a massage with a qualified masseuse.

Voices of Welthungerhilfe