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Benefits for Employees in Germany

Everything about private and professional life at Welthungerhilfe

We offer our employees a wide variety of benefits. This is an overview of the benefits available to employees in Germany.


We extend a warm welcome to all new employees with an informative orientation session at the start of their employment at Welthungerhilfe.


We offer all new employees a familiarisation period in our head office in Bonn–Bad Godesberg, where they gain their first insight into how Welthungerhilfe works at the organisational level. This is followed by an additional familiarisation period in their respective divisions, where they learn how things work in their area of speciality.

Remuneration, Salary Components, and Allowances

In addition to monthly remuneration, our employees can enjoy additional benefits such as bonuses, allowances, or contributions to capital formation.

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Professional Development

Welthungerhilfe takes the professional development of its employees seriously, providing the opportunities outlined below.

All Benefits at a Glance


In special cases, we grant our employees various special vacation days in addition to the regular annual leave. 

All Benefits at a Glance

Balancing Private and Professional Lives

Welthungerhilfe strives to enable its employees to maintain a healthy balance between their private and professional lives. 

All Benefits at a Glance

Additional Benefits/Infrastructure

In addition to the company benefits, we offer other advantages and benefits that liven up our employees’ day-to-day working life and bring them together in a collegial atmosphere.

All Benefits at a Glance

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