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Transparenz Welthungerhilfe

Transparency and Quality

Working responsibly means setting ourselves clear rules and having our projects constantly checked (externally and in-house). Welthungerhilfe publishes a regular annual report, which shows how and where it uses money from donors. As a member of the Transparent Civil Society Initiative, Welthungerhilfe also publishes its aims, how its resources are used, and who makes the decisions. Welthungerhilfe's Code of Conduct is based on recognised international guidelines (e.g. Transparency International, Core Humanitarian Standard) to avoid conflicts of interest and corruption, to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation, and to provide special protection for children. Welthungerhilfe’s progress and impact in individual countries are checked through standardised processes of analysis in the context of our quality management. People involved in projects can also use a simple and anonymous online complaints mechanism to report unethical behaviour anywhere in the world to various channels.