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"Welternährung", the specialist journal of Welthungerhilfe, provides space for scientists, practitioners and experts on current development policy issues with a focus on hunger and poverty reduction.

Seven densely typewritten sheets on world agricultural policy: that was the beginning of the information service "Agriculture and World Food" in 1966. It was intended to close the knowledge gap about the achievements of the World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The FAO and the German Federal Ministry of Agriculture (BMEL) were the publishers, later Welthungerhilfe, since then with financial support from the BMEL.

"Welternährung" grew to twelve pages, posing the question as early as 1969: Can we conquer world hunger? Three years later, the title: "Are the rich looting the poor?" After 50 years, the printed paper with 30,000 subscribers was discontinued in 2017. So now: the return.

Cover Welternährung 4. Quartal 2017.
Cover der Welternährung 4. Quartal 2017. © Welthungerhilfe

Welternährung" slips into the contemporary guise of an online journal with regular updates and newsletters. As a specialized journal, Welternährung.de aims to reflect current developments politically and to be a forum for Diversity of opinion. The authors - scientists, practitioners, experts, journalists - do not always reflect the opinion of Welthungerhilfe or the editorial board in their analyses, comments and interviews.

Our focus is on overarching issues of global food security and rural development - linked to trends in development and trade policy, poverty reduction, humanitarian aid, crises and human rights. We look to Germany, Europe and the UN system. A regularly updated focus goes in depth. All this in the hope of shaping opinion.

Mathias Mogge, Secretary General of Welthungerhilfe, wishes you stimulating reading.


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