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Pakistan: Strategies & Goals

Main sector
Programme Objective in Pakistan

Build resilience and assist food and nutrition insecure communities to realize their right to food in cooperation with local civil society and government.

Pakistan is one of the most natural disaster affected countries in the world. The most striking examples in recent years include the earthquake in 2005 and the flood in 2010 that affected over 20 million people, while droughts in 2014 and 2015 also had a significant impact on the Sindh province in the south of the country. Rural areas in often the worst affected and lack of support and infrastructure mean they take longer to recover. The food and nutrition security for much of the rural population remains precarious and 45 % of all children in the country continue to suffer from chronic undernutrition.

Facts and Figures

Sectors of Intervention

Welthungerhilfe’s work in Pakistan originally had a strong focus on humanitarian aid and this has been expanded in recent years to include disaster preparedness, sustainable agriculture and civil society and empowerment projects. All these three sectors are central to increasing food and nutrition security within communities by increasing capacity to cope with current challenges and increasing resilience for those in the future.

Humanitarian Assistance

Agriculture and Environment

Civil Society and Empowerment

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