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Kerstin Bandsom Team Communications

Welthungerhilfe is bolstering its innovative approaches to organisational processes and implementing programmes. Our innovation strategy focuses on turning promising ideas to combat hunger and social injustice into widely adopted innovations.


The methods and approaches employed by Welthungerhilfe to fight hunger, malnutrition and poverty have been tremendously successful in reducing hunger in our target communities. However, we understand the need for bolder, more ambitious approaches to meet our goal of eradicating hunger by 2030.

Unfortunately, rapid technological advancements can have negative impacts on the most marginalised. Many existing digital agricultural solutions don’t address core challenges faced by smallholder farmers and may even exacerbate inequalities due to the digital divide.

Moreover, a lack of financial and human resources hampers efforts to achieve sustainable food and nutrition security in vulnerable communities. For that reason, Welthungerhilfe promotes innovations which maximise the impact of available resources and address the obstacles faced by our target groups. This focus on innovation has developed Welthungerhilfe’s capability to cultivate and nurture disruptive ideas both internally and externally that complement our key focus areas.

Our Approach

Welthungerhilfe’s innovation strategy has a dual focus: supporting open innovation externally and fostering incremental innovation within the organisation to make best use of resources to fight the causes of hunger.

Welthungerhilfe acts as an accelerator for social business by collaborating with local entrepreneurs, civil society actors and the private sector to transform grassroots ideas into innovations applicable to combatting hunger in a wider context. We develop, support and scale these promising ideas to create investment-ready social business models that ultimately benefit community development.

Welthungerhilfe acts as an incubator for disruptive ideas by developing apps and other digital solutions with local communities while also imparting knowledge and skills. We focus on user-centric design to develop products that benefit populations suffering from hunger and promote inclusive digitalisation.

By building our internal capacities to innovate through agile project management methods and innovation camps, Welthungerhilfe is strengthening processes to increase the impact of existing flagship programmes and bolster our ability to successfully scale up to the national level and scale out to other countries.

Our Impact

Our flagship apps Child Growth Monitor and Agrishare have been recognised by UNICEF and the World Food Programme as having the potential to improve the lives of millions of people. Agrishare increases productivity and improves food and nutrition security by enabling farmers to rent locally available equipment. Child Growth Monitor enables early detection of malnutrition using augmented reality in combination with artificial intelligence. Through such initiatives as the Social Innovation Challenge our innovation strategy continues to foster new and inventive ideas.

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