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2 current projects
0.22 m. € funding in 2019
165,000 people reached in 2019

Welthungerhilfe has been fighting hunger and poverty in Mozambique since 1973. We are known in Mozambique as Acção Agrária Alemã and have provided holistic support: disaster relief, strengthening resilience and longer-term development cooperation projects. By working with Mozambican partner organizations and local governments, we have strengthened local structures. In 2017, we implemented humanitarian aid projects in the field of food and nutrition security in the provinces of Inhambane and Zambezia. The financing of these projects has now come to an end and Welthungerhilfe has ended its activities in Mozambique at the end of July 2018.

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Selected projects

Farming Schools Against Climate Change

Smallholders Securing Their Livelihood by Simple Means

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News from Mozambique

Publications about Mozambique

2016 evaluation mozambique en
Final Evaluation 2016: Mozambique

Evaluation of the DIPECHO IV “Enhancement of disaster resilience in Nampula and Zambezia” Project in Mozambique. (MOZ 1079)

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2011 evaluation moz1065 mozambique en
Final Evaluation: Mozambique (2011)

MOZ 1065-10: Local and well trained – that's how workers help many people in emergency.

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