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Childer are playing at the water well


0.4 m. € funding in 2017

Laos is one of the most sparsely populated countries in southeast Asia: Barely 7 million people live scattered throughout isolated, mountainous areas. Compared to neighbouring Thailand or Vietnam, Laos is somewhat backward. Its infrastructure is poorly developed. Rural regions have few schools, and potential income sources are also rare, with many people living in poverty. Self-grown rice is the primary food source. Due to this homogeneous diet, every fifth person is under- and malnourished and suffers from “hidden hunger.” Several regions also lack drinking water because of large-scale deforestation and the increasing exploitation of natural resources.

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Rice Cultivation

In Laos, farmers experience first agricultural successes thanks to new rice cultivation methods.

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Rank in Global Hunger Index
#83 of 119 countries
GHI value 2018 for Laos
extremely alarming> 50 low< 9.9

Global Hunger Index (GHI) of Welthungerhilfe and partner calculates the nutritional situation of a country once a year. The lower the GHI value, the better the rank and the better the situation.

More about Global Hunger Index
6.75 million population (2018)
6,4% child mortality (2018)
16,6% of the population is undernourished.
Global Hunger Index
-6,4 Score (30.3 in 2010)
48.0 2000
35.8 2005
30.3 2010
25.3 2018

Publications about Laos

2013 evaluation laos en
Final Evaluation Report 2013: Laos

This report describes the successes of Welthungerhilfe's rural development and food security projects in Oudomxay, Laos. Thanks to Welthungerhilfe's...

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