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Geflüchtete Rohingya-Frauen mit ihren Kindern.


11 current projects
2.16 m. € funding in 2018
109,000 people reached in 2018

Bangladesh is traversed by a network of wide rivers. Many people live on small islands in these river deltas, with the poorest of them settling near the river banks. Since the effects of climate change present particularly strongly in Bangladesh, the resulting regular floods not only threaten numerous lives but also destroy fields and gardens in which food is cultivated. With 1,100 residents per square kilometre, i.e. almost five times as many as in Germany, the country is one of the most densely populated countries of the world. Despite constant economic improvements, the growing population is suffering from hunger. Although rates of poverty and hunger have fallen significantly, 25 percent of people still do not have enough to eat according to the UN World Food Programme (WFP).

Welthungerhilfe's Strategy & Goals

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Selected projects

Floating Gardens

Fighting the Effects of Climate Change in Bangladesh with Innovations

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More projects in Bangladesh

Good Advice, Better Nutrition

Bangladesh | 2018 – 2020 | Budget: 660,000 €
Institutional donors: BMZ

Rapid Relief: Distributing Ovens and Cooking Gas

Bangladesh | 2019 – 2019 | Budget: 75,000 €

News from Bangladesh

Rank in Global Hunger Index
#86 of 119 countries
GHI value 2018 for Bangladesh
extremely alarming> 50 low< 9.9

Global Hunger Index (GHI) of Welthungerhilfe and partner calculates the nutritional situation of a country once a year. The lower the GHI value, the better the rank and the better the situation.

More about Global Hunger Index
163 million population (2018)
3,4% child mortality (2018)
15,2% of the population is undernourished.
Global Hunger Index
-14,3 Score (30.3 in 2010)
36.0 2000
30.8 2005
30.3 2010
26.1 2018

Publications about Bangladesh

Teaserbild, The Greener Revolution Agroecology
The Greener Revolution

Harnessing the benefits of agroecology in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

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Fact Sheet: Rohingya in Bangladesh

Since there have been violent conflicts between the Rohingya rebels and the Myanmar police and army, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled to...

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