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The ABCs of Equipping Schools

The government of Ethiopia has made broadening access to schools and high-quality education a high priority. As a result, this relatively small project focussed on a primary school in the Amhara region north of the capital, Addis Ababa, is constructing a new building with four fully-furnished classrooms. It is also supplying essential amenities including clean water, toilets, and handwashing facilities. In addition, the students receive hygiene education to ensure that the facilities are used properly. Naturally, their teachers also take part.

Sep 2018 project start
Oct 2019 end of project
67,747 € Project Budget 2018
72,760 € Overall project budget
Project ID ETH 1160-18
Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e. V., Sparkasse KölnBonn IBAN DE15 3705 0198 0000 0011 15, BIC COLSDE33