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Careful Management Despite High Population Density

The fertile, hilly highlands of Amhara in northern Ethiopia are densely settled and farmed. This project addresses the resulting problems using modern, soil-sensitive cultivation methods. For example, composting and greater crop diversity use resources more sustainably while improving nutrition. However, access to WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) is equally important, since even the best diet is useless if its benefits are lost due to diarrhoea caused by poor hygiene.

Oct 2018 project start
Dec 2021 end of project
€ 417,265 Project Budget 2020
€ 2,300,790 Overall project budget
Humanitarian Assistance
Agriculture & Environment
Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
Economic Development
Civil Society & Empowerment
Donors Project ID ETH 1161-18
Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e. V., Sparkasse KölnBonn IBAN DE15 3705 0198 0000 0011 15, BIC COLSDE33