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Familie im Flüchtlingscamp

Humanitarian Assistance

Even the most elaborate project to end hunger will not work if a disaster suddenly robs people of everything, exposing them to hunger. In this event, survival depends on rapid and efficient aid. In addition to its long-term development cooperation, Welthungerhilfe therefore also specialises in rapid emergency and disaster relief.

Welthungerhilfe naturally organises even its long-term projects to promote nutritional independence not only under normal conditions but also in emergency situations. However, when earthquakes strike, e.g. in 2015 in Nepal, or armed conflicts erupt, e.g. in Syria and in Iraq, the Emergency Response Team is sent to help. Its mission: Immediately providing water, food and shelter to victims, saving their lives. Being well-prepared helps, e.g. through early warning systems, intensive risk analysis and analysis-derived measures for moderating expected crises and disasters.

When the acute, life-threatening emergency has passed, people need support to get back on their feet as quickly as possible – and to be better prepared for the next flood or tropical storm. In order to guarantee this, Welthungerhilfe is implementing numerous projects to support the resilience of the people.

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