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Der Food Security Standard

Was ist der Food Security Standard konkret und inwiefern bewirkt er, dass Unternehmen nachhaltiger arbeiten und Verantwortung zeigen?

Food Security Standard: Principles, Criteria and Indicators

The FSS provides a practical instrument for demonstrating that the “right to food” enjoyed by farm workers, smallholder farmers and communities…

Fact Sheet: Food Security Standard

The significance of sustainability standards in German consumer behaviour was investigated using the example of chocolate.

Fact Sheet 7: National Food Security Assessment Tool

The FSS integrates the Right to Food into sustainability certification schemes by translating it into criteria that can be verified during a…

Fact Sheet 6: Options for Companies to Address the Right to Food

Options for companies to address the right to food. Learnings from a pilot audit in Kenya.

Fact Sheet 5: Paving the way to FSS compliance

In Zambia, one of the most food insecure countries of the world, the FSS was tested in the context of smallholder cotton farming. 

Fact Sheet 4: Food Security Standard performs on plantations in Bolivia

The Food Security Standard (FSS) was tested as a part of the sustainability certification of a group of sugar cane plantations in Bolivia. This Fact…

Fact Sheet 3: Food Security Standard on the Right Track

The first tests showed: The criteria of the Food Security Standard (FSS) are suited to be integrated into existing sustainability…

Fact Sheet 2: Putting the Food Security Standard to Test

This briefing paper illustrates joint efforts of WWF, ZEF and Welthungerhilfe to establish the Food Security Standard (FSS) project.

Fact Sheet 1: Food Security Standard Project

The Food Security Standard provides practicable and measurable food security criteria for all kinds of traded agricultural products.

Scientific paper: Food Security Criteria for Voluntary Biomass Standards

This research paper describes the Food Security Standard (FSS).

Scientific paper: Food Security Principle for Biomass

This manual describes ZEF and Welthungerhilfe's food security criteria for voluntary biomass sustainability standards.