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Terms and Conditions for International Procurement of Goods and Services

Download this PDF document containing Welthungerhilfe's Terms and Conditions for International Procurement of Goods and Services.


Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (hereafter Welthungerhilfe or WHH) was established in 1962. The german based organization is non-profit-seeking, non-partisan and non-denominational. Donations from the population at large fund our work in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In addition, WHH receives grants from the Federal German Government, the European Union and the United Nations.

WHH fights against global hunger and for sustainable food security. This incorporates the promotion of agriculture suited to local conditions, access to clean water, the provision of modern, environmentally friendly energy and the improvement of health and education.

Our actions are dictated by the principles of equality, inviolable rights and self-determination for all, humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence. The people with whom we work are partners striving towards social change. We treat them with respect, solidarity and compassion.
Our actions aim for the sustainable improvement of opportunities in life for future generations too, in a healthy environment and a fair society.

We want to become superfluous.

Our goal is the same as that of many people working in development cooperation: to reach the day when development cooperation is no longer needed, because people will be able to help themselves sufficiently.

To obtain the above goals we require strict consent from our suppliers to the following terms and conditions.

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