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Annual Report 2017

The goal: Zero hunger by 2030. In 2017, thanks to your help, Welthungerhilfe were able to assist millions of people in need: a total of EUR 256.3 m was available for the fight against hunger and poverty.


Since its establishment in 1962, Welthungerhilfe has funded 8.927 international projects to the tune of around 3.53 billion euros. Through its 410 overseas projects in 38 countries, Welthungerhilfe supported 11.8 million people - men, women and children - in 2017 alone. In real terms that means: People could survive, many are harvesting more crops, they can better feed themselves, now have clean drinking water and toilets where they live, are less ill, can generate an income or surplus or can atrat a training course. For children, the support of Welthungerhilfe means a chance of healthy physical and mental development. 

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