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Material and Publications

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Education Report 2019

Knowledge is the basis for development. In numerous projects throughout the world, we ensure that people have access to education.

Water Report 2019

Clean water, sanitation facilities, and good hygiene are essential for survival. In numerous projects throughout the world, we ensure access for...

Nutrition Report 2019

To defeat hunger worldwide, we support small-scale farmers and their families while addressing the root causes of malnutrition.

Fact Sheet 7: National Food Security Assessment Tool

The FSS integrates the Right to Food into sustainability certification schemes by translating it into criteria that can be verified during a...

Codigo de Conducta (Spanish version)

El Código de Conducta sienta las bases de nuestro objetivo común de lucha mundial contra el hambre y sus causas.

Fact Sheet Syria, Turkey, Lebanon

Millions of people in Syria, Turkey and Lebanon have been affected by the war in Syria and by the effects of the so-called Islamic State’s (IS) rule....

Organisational Chart

This organisational chart shows the structures of Welthungerhilfe at a glance.

Factsheet Haiti

With a population of around 11 million people, Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. 

Mid Term External Evaluation 2017: Afghanistan (AFG 1176)

AFG 1176: Creation of Sustainable Livelihoods for Internally Displaced and Returning Afghan Families in Kabul Province is a project being implemented...

Mid Term Evaluation 2018: Afghanistan (AFG 1168)

AFG 1168: Natural Resource Management and Promotion of Sustainable Agrarian Livelihoods (Northern Afghanistan)

Mid Term Evaluation Report 2018: Afghanistan (AFG 1177)

AFG 1177: Strengthening Food Security And Natural Resources Management In Jawzjan Province In Northern Afghanistan.

Final Evaluation Report: Afghanistan (AFG 1185)

AFG 1185: Strengthening of Civil Protection/ Disaster Management in the district of Aybak, Samangan Province (Northern Afghanistan).

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