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Global Hunger Index 2019 (español)
Global Hunger Index 2019 (español)

El Global Hunger Index (GHI) de 2019 muestra que, si bien el mundo ha progresado gradualmente en la reducción del hambre a escala mundial desde el año...

Global Hunger Index 2019 (español) - sinopsis
Global Hunger Index - sinopsis (español)

El informe del Global Hunger Index de 2019 muestra una medida multidimensional del hambre a nivel mundial, regional y nacional.

In Brief 1/2019: Climate Change Causes Hunger

The lack of ambitious climate policies puts food security in jeopardy.​​

En bref 1/2019: Le changement climatique provoque des famines

Le manque de politique climatique ambitieuse pèse sur la sécurité alimentaire.​

Welthungerhilfe (WHH) in Iraq

Support for displaced people and returnees: This publication offers an overview of Welthungerhilfe's past and current projects in Iraq. 

Map: Global Hunger Index 2019 by Severity

A world map displaying the 2019 Global Hunger Index scores.

Global Hunger Index 2019

The 2019 GHI shows that multiple countries have higher hunger levels now than in 2010.

Fact Sheet 6: Options for Companies to Address the Right to Food

Options for companies to address the right to food. Learnings from a pilot audit in Kenya.

Indice de la Faim dans le Monde 2019 - Synthèse

La quatorzième édition du rapport de l’Indice de la faim dans le monde (GHI) propose une mesure multidimensionnelle de la faim au niveau national,...

WASH Country Profiles - cover
WASH Country Profiles

Access to safe water and sanitation is a human right and a prerequisite for fighting hunger and poverty. Welthungerhilfe strives to make a...

Global Hunger Index 2019 - Synopsis

Hunger figures: Download the 2019 Global Hunger Index synopsis. 

WorldRiskReport 2019

The WorldRiskIndex 2019 indicates the disaster risk for 180 countries in the world. This year's report focuses on water supply. 

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