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Material and Publications

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Organisational Chart

This organisational chart shows the structures of Welthungerhilfe at a glance.

Alliance2015 COVID-19 Multi Country Survey

The study shows that the crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak has dire effects on many different areas, including the economy, health, and personal...

Nepal: Country-Wide Analysis Of Pre-Positioned Relief Items - Executive Summary

This report presents the findings of our analysis of the current pre-positioned relief items in Nepal.

Nepal: Country-wide analysis of pre-positioned relief items

This report was published by the ESUPS (Emergency Supply Pre-positioning Strategy) project on stock pre-positioning recommendations for Nepal, one of...

Uneven Ground - Land Inequality at the heart of unequal societies

In most countries, land inequality is growing. Worse, new measures and analysis published in this synthesis report show that land inequality is...

Global Hunger Index 2020

The Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2020 illustrates that the levels of hunger in many countries still require urgent attention.

Global Hunger Index 2020 - Synopsis

Hunger statistics: Download the 2020 Global Hunger Index synopsis.

Map: Global Hunger Index 2020 by Severity

A world map displaying the 2020 Global Hunger Index scores.

Factsheet: When Hunger Becomes a Weapon of War

Besieging, destroying, plundering, blocking, bureaucratic hurdles - recently, however, hunger as a weapon has been increasingly used again. 

WorldRiskReport 2020

The WorldRiskIndex 2020 indicates the disaster risk for 181 countries in the world. This year's report focuses on forced displacement and migration. 

Food Security Standard: Principles, Criteria and Indicators

The FSS provides a practical instrument for demonstrating that the “right to food” enjoyed by farm workers, smallholder farmers and communities...

Annual Report 2019
Annual Report 2019

Figures, facts, testimonies: The Annual Report 2019 is an informative review of Welthungerhilfe's work over the past year.