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Material and Publications

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Orientation Framework Gender

This Orientation Framework faces that gender equality is an important part of the self-image of organisations working in the field of development...

Opinion. Prospects for rural areas

By 2030 about 600 million young people will be looking for work worldwide. Economically-oriented engagement against unemployment, hunger and poverty...

Annual Report 2017

The goal: Zero hunger by 2030. In 2017, thanks to your help, Welthungerhilfe were able to assist millions of people in need: a total of EUR 256.3 m...

Annual Report 2017 in brief

Infographics on income, expenditure, sectors of support and institutional grants. Plus, at a glance: How did we use your donations in 2017?

Emergency Relief Fund Report 2017/2018

Hurrikans, fires, earthquakes and people seeking refuge: disasters take place all over the world. Learn about Welthungerhilfe's emergency relief fund.

Orientation Framework: Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security

The present Orientation Framework (OF) aims at contributing to Welthungerhilfe’s strategic goal to promote a better understanding of "Sustainable Food...

Water Report 2017

When working on ending global hunger, adequate sanitation needs to be established simultaneously.

Education Report 2017

What does education have to do with resilience? Education enables people to cope with difficult situations, crises or natural disasters.


This flyer describes AgriShare, an app helping farmers to produce and earn more, developed by Welthungerhilfe.

Nutrition Report 2017

Armed conflicts and climate change are the central driving forces of hunger. But inequalities and the discrimination of women cause hunger as well.

Fact Sheet Syria, Turkey, Lebanon

Millions of people in Syria, Turkey and Lebanon have been affected by the war in Syria and by the effects of the so-called Islamic State’s (IS) rule....

The Greener Revolution

Harnessing the benefits of agroecology in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

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