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eBrief: Food Security in Emergencies

Emergency situations have an immediate negative influence on the food security, livelihoods, and the nutrition security of the affected population. 

eBrief: WASH in Emergencies

The main objective of WASH programmes in humanitarian response is to reduce public health risks by creating barriers along those pathways.

eBrief: Nutrition in Emergencies

Nutritional status can deteriorate within a matter of weeks. Therefore, it is important to understand what the precrisis nutrition situation was and...

eFlash: Humanitarian Programming

The aim of Welthungerhilfe’s development efforts is to strengthen the population's resistance to these risks and dangers (Resilience).

Magazine 2018

Jenifer Dokali from Malawi shares the secret of her successful vegetable garden. Discover more stories like hers in Welthungerhilfe's magazine.

Fact Sheet 3: Food Security Standard on the Right Track

The first tests showed: The criteria of the Food Security Standard (FSS) are suited to be integrated into existing sustainability...

IARAN Report: FromVoices2Choices

When it comes to the aid provided by the formal humanitarian sector, crisis-affected people continue to report having extremely limited ability to...

Syria: Humanitarian Access Dilemmas
Syria: Humanitarian Access Dilemmas

Policy Brief by Dr. Esther Meininghaus (BICC) and Michael Kühn (Welthungerhilfe) on the situation in the governorate of Idlib (Syria).

Development Cooperation as an Occupational Field

Would you like to work for Welthungerhilfe? Learn more about the options and requirements.

Development Cooperation Entry Opportunities
Development Cooperation Entry Opportunities

Whether you are considering an internship, a voluntary social year or a position as Junior Expert, Welthungerhilfe offers a variety of exciting...

Global Hunger Index 2018
Global Hunger Index 2018

The 2018 Global Hunger Index (GHI) shows long-term progress in reducing hunger in the world and focusses on forced migration and hunger.

Teaser image: Global Hunger Index 2018 Synopsis
Global Hunger Index 2018 - Synopsis

The 2018 Global Hunger Index (GHI) shows long-term progress in reducing hunger in the world and focusses on forced migration and hunger. A synopsis.

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