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Material and Publications

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Best of Magazine 2021

The "Best of"-magazine 2021 with selected articles from the four issues of the past year.

Global Hunger Index Informe Perú

Global Hunger Index - El Desafío del Hambre en un Clima Cambiante  

Green Electricity and Energy Efficiency

Green Electricity and Energy Efficiency - Emission saving aspects of Welthungerhilfe projects in the last 10 years

No Food Security without Climate Protection!

What the 2021 International Climate Conference (COP26) must achieve.

Global Hunger Index 2021

The 2021 Global Hunger Index (GHI) points to a dire hunger situation in a world coping with multiple crises.

Global Hunger Index 2021 - Synopsis

Hunger statistics: Download the 2021 Global Hunger Index synopsis.

Map: Global Hunger Index 2021 by Severity

A world map displaying the 2021 Global Hunger Index scores.

Indice de la faim dans le monde 2021 - synopsis

Une situation dramatique dans un contexte de crises multiples.

Indice Globale Della Fame 2021

Fame e sistemi alimentari in contesti di conflitto.

Indice Globale Della Fame 2021 - Sintesi

Una drammatica situazione della fame nel mezzo di diverse crisi.

Welthungerhilfe Strategy 2021 - 2024

We want to continue the strategic focus on Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security for the most vulnerable. Currently up to 811 million people are...

WorldRiskReport 2021

The WorldRiskIndex 2021 indicates the disaster risk for 181 countries in the world. The focus of the report is on the topic of "social security".