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Fighting Against Hunger Is A Precondition For Development

Policy brief on Germany's EU council presidency – agriculture and food security must be firmly enshrined in the agenda.

Fact Sheet: Hunger

How many people are going hungry worldwide? Where is the hunger situation the worst? And why? We have summed up the answers to those frequently asked...

The Food Security Standard

What is the Food Security Standard in concrete terms and to what extent does it make companies work more sustainably and show responsibility?

Act for nature now

What can I do for the environment in everyday life?

Minimising the Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic – Ensuring Food Security

Rescue parachute for the poorest and investment in the fight against hunger needed.

Gestion de l'évaluation

Avec ce manuel, l’équipe SERA – suivi, évaluation, responsabilité et apprentissage (MEAL) – de l’Unité “Sector Strategy, Knowledge and Learning”...

Assessment of the "BMZ 2030" Reform Process

With the new strategy BMZ 2030, the Development Ministry is planning a reform of German Development Cooperation. An assessment.

Welthungerhilfe COVID-19 Appeal

Welthungerhilfe has developed a global COVID-19 programme to support five million people in 36 countries over the next two years.

Emergency aid report
Emergency Relief Fund Report 2019

In humanitarian aid, the emphasis is increasingly on disaster preparedness. Nevertheless, acute emergency aid remains an important component of...

Poster: No Chance For Corona

The comic strip "No Chance for Corona" provides young people between the ages of 10 and 14 with information about the coronavirus and other...

The COVID-19 Relief Fund

All information about the Welthungerhilfe COVID-19 Relief Fund

BRACED – Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters

With a grant of 7.2 million GBP of the government of the United Kingdom the Welthungerhilfe consortium implemented the BRACED project in the...

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