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26.10.2015 | Press Release

Massive Earthquake in Afghanistan

Welthungerhilfe staff on the ground assessing situation

The earthquake with its epicentre in the Northeast of Afghanistans has shaken parts of Pakistan, Tajikistans and India, too. Photograph from Mingora, Swat, Pakistan.
The earthquake with its epicentre in the Northeast of Afghanistans has shaken parts of Pakistan, Tajikistans and India, too. Photograph from Mingora, Swat, Pakistan. © Hazrat Ali Bacha/Reuters
Simone Pott Team Communications

Today, a powerful earthquake of 7.7 has shaken Afghanistan and the neighbouring countries Tajikistan, Pakistan and India. Until now, only little information is available from the affected regions. The epicentre was located in a sparsely populated mountainous area of the Northeastern province Badakhshan, difficult to access.

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"Our staff has been trying for hours to get detailed information about casualties and damages. Our local colleagues are permanently on the phone, trying to get any news from their families and friends about the situation in the affected area. Here in Afghanistan, it will be night soon and we will only know by tomorrow's daylight what the people really need", says Katja Richter, Welthungerhilfe Country Director in Kabul.

Welthungerhilfe is getting prepared to help the affected people in the region. In particular, the cold temperatures to minus 10 degrees at night will be a big challenge to the people.

Eine Gruppe Kinder in bunter Kleidung nimmt an einem Kinderzirkus teil Background

Welthungerhilfe in Afghanistan

The Welthungerhilfe Country Director is available for interviews. If required, we are pleased to establish direct contact.

Welthungerhilfe in Afghanistan 

Since 1993, Welthungerhilfe has been working in the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The country office established in 1999 in Kabul took over the coordination of the programme. Methods and focal points have shifted since the start of the cooperation – from and original focus on pure emergency aid, towards the strengthening of rural population groups in their efforts towards restoration and promotion of their basic livelihoods. Welthungerhilfe supports project activities on nutrition security, on rural development with a focus on water and hygiene activities. Furthermore, Welthungerhilfe supports internally displaced people around Kabul. The project areas are in the Northwest (Faryab/Jawzjan), in the Northeast (Balkh/Samangan) as well as in Kabul. At present, 250 staff members are responsible for nine ongoing projects. Welthungerhilfe cooperates with three local partner organisations to support and strengthen the civil society.

Welthungerhilfe is one of the largest private aid organisations in Germany; politically independent and non-denominational. It is fighting for ‘Zero Hunger by 2030’. Since its establishment, more than 8,500 overseas projects in 70 countries have been supported with 3.27 billion euros. Welthungerhilfe works on the basic principle of help for self-help: from rapid disaster relief to reconstruction and long-term development cooperation projects with national and international partner organisations

On request, we provide further material. You can contact us here.

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