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Annual Report 2014

More and more people needing support in crisis countries

A small girl tries to sell beans to support her family.
A small girl tries to sell beans to support her family. © Daniel Rosenthal
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Welthungerhilfe is increasingly committed to countries affected by humanitarian crises. Syria, South Sudan, DR Congo and the Central African Republic are among the countries with the highest project funding in the last year. "We have to step into the breach more and more in places where politics has failed", says Bärbel Dieckmann, president of Welthungerhilfe. "In the complex conflicts of our time, it still requires political influence, however, in order to show the affected people the prospects for their future."

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The income from donations in 2014 increased on the previous year and stood at 40.8 million Euro, of which 2.5 million Euro was from emergency aid donations. Public donors funded projects worldwide to the amount of 152.2 million Euro. The majority of the money was used for emergency aid measures. For the fight against hunger and poverty in 2014, a total of 197.7 million Euro was made available.

The year 2014 showed that Syria will become a disaster of an entire decade. Last year, Welthungerhilfe funded measures to the amount of more than 30 million Euro. As a result, for the first time, Syria is the country with the highest level of project funding. "The conditions in Syria can be compared with the rubble mountains in Germany after the Second World War", says Dieckmann. "This catastrophe will accompany us for many years to come."

Welthungerhilfe is one of the largest private aid organisations in Germany; politically independent and non-denominational. It is fighting for ‘Zero Hunger by 2030’. Since its establishment, more than 8,500 overseas projects in 70 countries have been supported with 3.27 billion euros. Welthungerhilfe works on the basic principle of help for self-help: from rapid disaster relief to reconstruction and long-term development cooperation projects with national and international partner organisations

Press Pictures Annual Report 2014

Bärbel Diekmann, President of Welthungerhilfe © BARBARA FROMMANN
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Till Wahnbaeck, Secretary General of Welthungerhilfe © Eva Haeberle
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Bärbel Diekmann ina school for refugees. © Jens Grossmann
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Distribution of bread in the Mardin Syrian Solidarity Platform (MSSP) in Mardin, Turkey. © Welthungerhilfe
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In a refugee camp in Turkey. © Imke Lass
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Distribution of food in Syria. © Welthungerhilfe
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Two girls with water canisters try to protect each other from the wind in the refugee camp of the UNMISS Basis in Malakal. © Daniel Rosenthal
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A small girl tries to sell beans to support her family. © Daniel Rosenthal
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Camp Benuti in South Sudan – floodings soften the ground and destroy the already small harvests and involve the danger of epidemics. © Roland Brockmann
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Women walk though the dirty water and carry water canisters. © Daniel Rosenthal
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Measuring of body temperature of people crossing the Ebola-checkpoint “Mile 4”. © Welthungerhilfe
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Reconstruction in Nepal after a strong earthquake in Kathmandu. © Daniel Pilar
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