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A Catastrophic famine is looming in Eastern Congo

Actually, the country could feed itself, but peolpe have to flee their villages time and again.

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Wars and conflicts remain hunger drivers

Conflict is the primary reason for most of the world's cases of acute food insecurity according to the Global Report on Food Crises 2018.

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Inequality causes hunger

World Economic Forum Davos: Welthungerhilfe would like to highlight the fact that increasing inequality is exacerbating poverty and hunger.

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"Air Strikes Must Be Stopped Immediately"

Welthungerhilfe demands that the heavy air strikes in the province of Idlib in the north-west of Syria must be stopped immediately.

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World Climate Summit in Bonn

President of Welthungerhilfe Bärbel Dieckmann participated in the panel discussion "Is it possible to flee from climate change" at COP21.

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Welthungerhilfe on the Desperate Situation of Rohingya

Welthungerhilfe is warning of a huge humanitarian catastrophe in Bangladesh and calling for rapid assistance for the Rohingya who have fled.

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Global Hunger Index 2017

Global Hunger Index spotlights uneven progress in reducing hunger

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Emirates and Airbus fly relief goods to UN depot

Emirates Airline, the Airbus Foundation and Welthungerhilfe have joined forces to bring emergency shelter items from Hamburg to Dubai.

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50,000 Euros Emergency Aid for Fleeing Rohingya

Bangladesh: Having fled, hunger and flooding looms

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Floods in Nepal

After days of heavy rainfalls, more than 16 million people in India, Bangladesh and Nepal are affected by the floods.

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G20 Summit in Hamburg

Welthungerhilfe would like to encourage the participants to fulfill their responsibility for sustainable development.

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Angela Merkel opens Africa conference in Berlin

Start of the Berlin international conference on the “G20 Africa Partnership”. Welthungerhilfe is critical of a fact.

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