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05.02.2015 | Blog

This is How Welthungerhilfe Works

As one of the largest German aid organisations, we work professionally and with engagement.

This is how Welthungerhilfe works
Fair, needs-based, independent: This is how Welthungerhilfe supports people in need across the globe. © Welthungerhilfe
Kerstin Bandsom Team Communications

We work as partners. Our action is based on the goals and needs of the people in the southern hemisphere and on the desire for global justice. We give our partners the strength to fight for their rights. We help them to further develop their skills.

We work based on the needs of the people and the situation in hand. We help people in acute emergencies, when regions are struck by hunger or other catastrophes. Once the most important requirements have been met, we help with long-term reconstruction toward sustainable development.

Well-motivated, high-quality public relations is key for our work. This is how we make our work accessible and how we bring the people in Germany closer to those living in the developing world.

Constructive dialogue

We have no political or religious affiliation and cooperate in strategic alliances. We work with actors on the global stage who share our goals. As such, we don't just bundle our powers but can also achieve greater results with our resources. We ensure the greatest possible independence (including financial) from external specifications for our work. We use this independence to hold constructive dialogue with politicians and companies.

Our public sponsors are key partners whose trust we cherish. We welcome close cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organisations for programmes with common goals.

We raise our voice wherever we can classify the current events and developments based on our project work and experience, our history and our convictions. We view ourselves as an advocate for those whose rights and dignity have been limited.

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