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Latest Articles

Results of
Special Meeting of G7 Agriculture Ministers

At the meeting of G7 agriculture ministers on March 11, 2022, the impact of the war in Ukraine on global food security will be analyzed and approaches...

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Healthy, Sustainable Food For All

While agricultural corporations produce avocados for export on the Peruvian coast, fewer and fewer families can feed themselves sufficiently

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Towards a paradigm shift in the global food system?

More food is being produced worldwide than ever before. At the same time, hunger figures have been rising again.

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Human lives at stake due to drought in Kenya

The situation in the Kenyan Marsabit county is desperate. People are walking as far as 40 kilometers in search of food, water and pasture.

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Food Prices Approaching Record Highs

Welthungerhilfe warns of worsening hunger in the face of rising global food prices.

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Ground Being Lost in the Fight Against Hunger Due to War and Climate Change

Welthungerhilfe presents the 2021 Global Hunger Index.

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Welthungerhilfe Calls for Fundamental Reform of the Food System

On Thursday, the Food Systems Summit will take place in New York.

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The dark side of the Green Revolution

India produces large grain surpluses. Yet, the World Hunger Index lists its hunger problem as "serious". How to explain this contradiction?

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No End to the Pandemic Without Vaccine Justice

The Coronavirus is Mutating into a Hunger Virus inPoor Countries

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Early release of Child Growth Monitor

Beta version of the app to be made available due to coronavirus

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Climate Change, Corruption and Unrest are Causing Increased Hunger in Haiti

35 percent of the population in Haiti are heavily dependent on food aid.

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GHI 2019: Climate Change is Exacerbating Hunger

The GHI 2019 shows that climate change is worsening the nutrition situation in countries that are already affected by hunger and poverty.

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