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Afrika Sierra Leone WAPFor Projekt der Deutschen Welthungerhilfe

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"Green gold" in the digital age

Beyond biopiracy of genetic resources, national sovereignty is reaching its limits in the era of open source databases.

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Early release of Child Growth Monitor

Beta version of the app to be made available due to coronavirus

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Simple but innovative

A simple yet innovative hydroponics project is making a big difference to the lives of internally displaced people in Sudan.

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8 innovative ideas to tackle hunger and social injustice

Eight new promising ideas to combat hunger and social injustice were shortlisted during the Social Innovation Challenge 2019.

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Innovative ideas to fight hunger

The Welthungerhilfe is increasingly developing and using digital services to get closer to achieving the "zero hunger" goal.

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Digitalisation in Agriculture

Is digitalisation in agriculture really generating opportunities to end hunger and poverty, or is it creating new dangers for famers?

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Renewable energies protect people and the environment

Tajikistan is affected by the consequences of climate change. A Welthungerhilfe project opens up new ways for the rural population.

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Technology meets Tradition

The agricultural machinery manufacturer AMAZONE sent four of its trainees to the northeast of India in July 2017 with an exciting task.

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Searchers Unlimited - Welthungerhilfe's Think Tank

Three years ago Welthungerhilfe founded the think tank "Searchers Unlimited" to discuss interesting questions.

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