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Afghanistan: “We Cannot Abandon People to Hunger!”

With an international donor conference coming up, Welthungerhilfe is warning of an escalation in the severe hunger crisis in Afghanistan.

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Joint I/NGO Statement On Humanitarian Protection And Access In Ukraine

Joint statement by national and international humanitarian organizations on Ukraine, including networks of which Welthungerhilfe is a member

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Support to the conflict-affected population of Ukraine

Alliance2015 members prepare to scale up support to the conflict-affected population of Ukraine.

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The humanitarian situation in Mali is dire

Welthungerhilfe calls for a sustainable strategy of the German federal government

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Welthungerhilfe Warns of Hunger Crisis in East Africa

Coronavirus, Locusts, Droughts, and Violent Conflict: Welthungerhilfe Allocates EUR 500,000 for Immediate Emergency Aid

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Human lives at stake due to drought in Kenya

The situation in the Kenyan Marsabit county is desperate. People are walking as far as 40 kilometers in search of food, water and pasture.

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No Respite for Haiti

In August 2021, an earthquake shook southern Haiti. More than 2,000 people died. A few days later, "Grace" stormed over Haiti.

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Mali: Alarming food crisis leaves 1.2 million hungry

The number of people affected by hunger in Mali has almost tripled within a year, humanitarian organizations warn.

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Floods and displacement worsen hardship in South Sudan

More than 800,000 people in South Sudan are affected by flooding. Welthungerhilfe is providing almost 400,000 euros in emergency aid.

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Afghanistan: The Humanitarian Situation Is Rapidly Deteriorating

Hunger and Poverty on the Rise in Afghanistan.

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Social Protection Crucial for Disaster Risk Reduction

Focusing on social protection, the new WorldRiskReport is released today.

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Welthungerhilfe on the Afghanistan donor conference

More than half of the people in Afghanistan rely on humanitarian aid. Humanitarian aid must be continued as a matter of urgency.

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