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Food Prices Approaching Record Highs

Welthungerhilfe warns of worsening hunger in the face of rising global food prices.

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Afghanistan: This is the state of our saffron cooperative

After the Taliban takeover, the future of the saffron cooperative in Afghanistan is uncertain. But the women are not giving up.

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Octave Bananeza satisfied with results of AID-FAPCE project

Interview with Country Director Emmanuel Octave Bananeza about the AID-FAPCE Project “Yaka Kinda Yèrè" in in the Central African Republic.

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Small farms are the centre of a sustainable food system

Welthungerhilfe is supporting smallholder farmers to achieve Zero Hunger in India

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Poor Countries Need Additional Money To Fight The Coronavirus

Welthungerhilfe on the publication of new OECD figures: During the Coronavirus pandemic, ODA resources are more important than ever.

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Innovative ideas to fight hunger

The Welthungerhilfe is increasingly developing and using digital services to get closer to achieving the "zero hunger" goal.

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Digitalisation in Agriculture

Is digitalisation in agriculture really generating opportunities to end hunger and poverty, or is it creating new dangers for famers?

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Mali ahead of the Presidential Elections

Welthungerhilfe Demands Reforms for More Security and Less Hunger

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Journey to a Heroine of Hope

Welthungerhilfe project manager Justina Mwangangi was honoured with the editors’ prize "Everyday Heroes". Jörg Pilawa went to visit her.

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G20 Summit in Hamburg

Welthungerhilfe would like to encourage the participants to fulfill their responsibility for sustainable development.

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Youth in Africa needs opportunities

Welthungerhilfe is pointing out that the future of Africa will be decided in the countryside.

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Marshall plan with Africa – A step in the right direction

Welthungerhilfe welcomes many of the statements of the new plan, which is aiming to renew the European partnership with Africa.

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