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The Right to Food and to a Future

The capital of biodiversity is threatened by deforestation and climate change. A new project aims to support the indigenous population.

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Healthy, Sustainable Food For All

While agricultural corporations produce avocados for export on the Peruvian coast, fewer and fewer families can feed themselves sufficiently

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Education is the key to fighting hunger

In Sierra Leone, Marlehn Thieme saw how people learn to help themselves in areas ranging from waste management to renewable energy.

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8 innovative ideas to tackle hunger and social injustice

Eight new promising ideas to combat hunger and social injustice were shortlisted during the Social Innovation Challenge 2019.

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Getting the Ball Rolling for Peace

A ball kicked off an idea in Bangui: At the “Football School for Peace” young people learn to overcome violence and hate.

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Fair Land Rights At Last

Smallholder farmers in Liberia are now able to own land. For the first time, civil society was actively involved in shaping a law.

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United in diversity

How Syrian and Turkish women in Istanbul are leading the way in integration.

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Girls Dreaming Big

Teenage girls at a local girls school in Northern Iraq built by Welthungerhilfe have big dreams for their future, despite the war in Syria.

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Developing Photos and Friendships

Welthungerhilfe’s photo project in Turkey brings together Syrian child refugees and local Turkish kids – an opportunity for new friendships.

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"Hunger Deliberately used as Weapon"

People in Yemen suffer from the catastrophic consequences of an armed conflict in the country. 7 million are threatened by famine.

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Empowering Women

With the new training program LANN+ Welthungerhilfe improves the situation of women and children in Sierra Leone.

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The Poorest Shortchanged yet Again

Compass 2030 is a critical analysis. The bottom line is: Clear signals and decisive action are demanded of the new federal government.

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