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Germany’s Seat On The UN Security Council

Welthungerhilfe expects of the German Government to use its seat to counter the threat of erosion of international humanitarian law.

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Majority for UN Declaration on Peasants’ Rights

Civil Society Organisations Call on the German Government to Implement the Declaration.

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Humanitarian Access Dilemmas

The situation in Idlib, Syria, where a military strike is imminent, shows the dilemmas aid organizations must deal with in a politicized context.

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Welthungerhilfe on the New UN Hunger Figures

According to the UN, hunger is increasing worldwide. At the same time, fighting hunger is very important to the people Germany.

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The World Is Getting Better

For the first time in history, humanity is in a position to end hunger. Does that have something to do with the successes of development cooperation?...

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G7: Missed opportunity in the fight against hunger

Welthungerhilfe is disappointed about the outcome of the G7 summit in Charlevoix (Canada). There is only one glimmer of hope.

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New Government: Important signal for ZeroHunger

The new coalition agreement explicitly mentions overcoming hunger as a priority for development policy. But will words be followed by actions?

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Global Nutrition Summit 2017: Money is not Everything

It is necessary to set the course for a world without hunger by 2030 at the Global Nutrition Summit. But money is not everything.

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Compass 2030: "Walk the Talk"

Terre des hommes and Welthungerhilfe are addressing newly-elected political representatives, surveyors and negotiators.

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World Climate Summit in Bonn

President of Welthungerhilfe Bärbel Dieckmann participated in the panel discussion "Is it possible to flee from climate change" at COP21.

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G20 Summit - Missed Chance for Fight Against Hunger

Ones more the heads of government did not use the G20 Summit in Hamburg as an advantage in the fight against hunger.

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G7: The Taormina Disaster

800 million are still going to bed hungry – can the G7 leaders go to bed with a clear conscience?

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