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Afrika Sierra Leone WAPFor Projekt der Deutschen Welthungerhilfe

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Plague of Locusts: 500,000 euros of immediate assistance

East Africa and South Asia are suffering from a plague of locusts. Welthungerhilfe is providing 500,000 euros of immediate assistance.

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The Water Savers of Bidibidi

Moses is a refugee in Uganda. He is working as a "hygiene promoter" and helps educating about water and hygiene, builds latrines and gathers...

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A Refugee's Journey to Uganda

Thousands of South Sudanese find shelter in North Uganda. A local report from weltwaerts volunteer Karina Felzmann.

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Girl Power: "Hear our Voices"

How is life for girls in Uganda? At International Women’s Day, Alina visited them in school - and is amazed by their strength.

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Rethinking Immigration: Challenges and Chances

Refugee Bahati tells his story and calls on everybody to rethink immigration.

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Solidarity greetings from Uganda

We send a message of solidarity and moral support to our colleagues in Liberia and Sierra Leone fighting against the ebola virus.

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