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There Is a Lack of Political Solutions

On World Humanitarian Day, Welthungerhilfe is calling for stronger political commitment on the part of the international community.

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Dire Situation After Seven Years

South Sudan, the world’s youngest country, becomes seven years old on 9th July. Its performance till this day has been catastrophic.

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Don't Give up Hope for South Sudan

The situation in South Sudan is bad, especially for refugees. Journalist Nashion Joseph Nicholas Modir pleads: "Do not lose hope."

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South Sudan Among the World's Forgotten Desasters

In South Sudan the situation for the civilian population is becoming increasingly severe. Millions are dependent on humanitarian assistance.

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Millions Starving in South Sudan

Welthungerhilfe is continuing to distribute food

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Airdrops - Aid from the Air

How and where we are supporting refugees in South Sudan.

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Distribution in South Sudan

In the refugee camp near to the town of Bentiu in South Sudan around 38,000 people struggle daily to obtain food. Learn more in our Blog.

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South Sudan is Facing Humanitarian Desaster

South Sudan is facing a humanitarian disaster due to the escalation of violence. Welthungerhilfe provides 100,000 Euro emergency aid.

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How Many Cows Does a Wife Cost?

Women's football and prices for brides – Martha Abuk Malek talks about her life as a woman in South Sudan.

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A new beginning in South Sudan

Assistance for returnees after the attainment of independence.

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Doomed Despite Freedom

What is life like in a refugee camp in South Sudan? Welthungerhilfe provides emergency aid for the refugees in the country.

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