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Afrika Sierra Leone WAPFor Projekt der Deutschen Welthungerhilfe

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Education is the key to fighting hunger

In Sierra Leone, Marlehn Thieme saw how people learn to help themselves in areas ranging from waste management to renewable energy.

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Empowering Women

With the new training program LANN+ Welthungerhilfe improves the situation of women and children in Sierra Leone.

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Curfew in Sierra Leone

Drastic measures in fight against Ebola. The recent curfew in Sierra Leone is an important step in putting an end to the Ebola epidemic.

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Endangered Paradise in Sierra Leone

The residents of the Western Area Peninsula in Sierra Leone want to protect their forest. Welthungerhilfe supports them.

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"If You're Scared, It's Better That You Don't Come"

Rüdiger Ehrler, member of the emergency aid team at Welthungerhilfe reports about his deployment in Sierra Leone.

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Ebola Areas Threatened with Hunger Crisis

Ebola-affected Sierra Leone is now also facing the threat of famine. A new study from Welthungerhilfe.

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