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The humanitarian situation in Mali is dire

Welthungerhilfe calls for a sustainable strategy of the German federal government

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Protection during drought and precipitation

Dams protect against floods and droughts in the regions of the Sahel affected by climate change.

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Mali: Alarming food crisis leaves 1.2 million hungry

The number of people affected by hunger in Mali has almost tripled within a year, humanitarian organizations warn.

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Tackling COVID-19 in Mali

Welthungerhilfe and project partner, People in Need, are bolstering Mali’s healthcare response to the COVID-19 pandemic

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The Sahel Region Needs Security and Development

Chancellor Merkel Travels to Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger.

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Mali ahead of the Presidential Elections

Welthungerhilfe Demands Reforms for More Security and Less Hunger

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A Peace Garden in Mali

In the Peace Garden near Timbuktu in Mali women are working together peacefully! Find out more about that small area of peace in Mali.

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Education in Mali

Welthungerhilfe supports mobile schools to enable nomadic children in the regions of Mopti and Ségou in Mali to attend school.

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