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Afrika Sierra Leone WAPFor Projekt der Deutschen Welthungerhilfe

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Fair Land Rights At Last

Smallholder farmers in Liberia are now able to own land. For the first time, civil society was actively involved in shaping a law.

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Miss Hygiene Spreads her Knowledge

Welthungerhilfe implemented school health clubs in Liberia within the Ebola aid programme. Pauline works as "Miss Hygiene" in one of them.

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Snail Farms and Ebola - Liberia After the Crisis

Mathias Mogge visited Liberia after the outbreak of the deadly disease. He observed progress but also a lot of challenges.

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Survival in the Ebola Crisis Thanks to Own Gardens

Own cultivation becomes more important for many people in Liberia. Betty Kaifa learned from her mother how to cultivate a field.

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