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Threat of a New Plague of Locusts in Kenya

The plague of locusts is on the rise again as a new generation of pests is breeding and hatching. Welthungerhilfe supports families in need.

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Plague of Locusts: 500,000 euros of immediate assistance

East Africa and South Asia are suffering from a plague of locusts. Welthungerhilfe is providing 500,000 euros of immediate assistance.

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Hunger and Undernutrition in Kenya

Modern Kenya offers a mixed picture: poverty reduction, population growth, extreme weather. How does this affect the nutritional situation?

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Journey to a Heroine of Hope

Welthungerhilfe project manager Justina Mwangangi was honoured with the editors’ prize "Everyday Heroes". Jörg Pilawa went to visit her.

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Hi, I am Lillian, an electrican in Nairobi

Lillian an electrician in Nairobi talks about her experiences in a male dominated industry.

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Kenya – Mangos as an Export Hit

Women in underdeveloped countries often lack opportunities to improve their lives. Welthungerhilfe supports women in Kenya farming Mangos.

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