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Welthungerhilfe Warns of Hunger Crisis in East Africa

Coronavirus, Locusts, Droughts, and Violent Conflict: Welthungerhilfe Allocates EUR 500,000 for Immediate Emergency Aid

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Human lives at stake due to drought in Kenya

The situation in the Kenyan Marsabit county is desperate. People are walking as far as 40 kilometers in search of food, water and pasture.

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Toothpick Company set up one of the 50 Best Small Businesses in Africa

Welthungerhilfe’s Project had supported the set up of the Toothpick Company Ltd. (TCL) and is one of the shareholders. TCL was announced as one of the...

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Threat of a New Plague of Locusts in Kenya

The plague of locusts is on the rise again as a new generation of pests is breeding and hatching. Welthungerhilfe supports families in need.

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Plague of Locusts: 500,000 euros of immediate assistance

East Africa and South Asia are suffering from a plague of locusts. Welthungerhilfe is providing 500,000 euros of immediate assistance.

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Hunger and Undernutrition in Kenya

Modern Kenya offers a mixed picture: poverty reduction, population growth, extreme weather. How does this affect the nutritional situation?

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Journey to a Heroine of Hope

Welthungerhilfe project manager Justina Mwangangi was honoured with the editors’ prize "Everyday Heroes". Jörg Pilawa went to visit her.

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Hi, I am Lillian, an electrican in Nairobi

Lillian an electrician in Nairobi talks about her experiences in a male dominated industry.

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Kenya – Mangos as an Export Hit

Women in underdeveloped countries often lack opportunities to improve their lives. Welthungerhilfe supports women in Kenya farming Mangos.

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