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Small farms are the centre of a sustainable food system

Welthungerhilfe is supporting smallholder farmers to achieve Zero Hunger in India

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100.000 € for victims of cyclone Amphan and coronavirus

Welthungerhilfe starts emergency aid in India and supports people affected by hurricane Amphan and the Covid-19 crisis.

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Innovative ideas to fight hunger

The Welthungerhilfe is increasingly developing and using digital services to get closer to achieving the "zero hunger" goal.

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How Sikkim became India’s first Organic State

Learn more about how the youngest member of India successfully managed it to transform their country into an sustainable state.

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App detects Hunger

Measuring weight and height to identify malnutrition may soon be a thing of the past. Learn more about the innovative project.

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Technology meets Tradition

The agricultural machinery manufacturer AMAZONE sent four of its trainees to the northeast of India in July 2017 with an exciting task.

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Sustainable Development Goals: Possibilities and Challenges

Guest commentary by Amitabh Behar, Executive Director, National Foundation for India.

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India: The Frontline Warrior of Change

Since 23 years Panchugopal Bhandari fights disaster, hunger and poverty in Kaihali, India. Success stories keep him going.

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Breaking the Silence

People’s fight against the drought in Bundelkhand.

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Farmers in India are Now Self-Sufficient

Once many people from West Bengal were barely able to make ends meet. Now they are self-sufficient farmers and truly happy.

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India: Saving Crops with Organic Farming

India is a smallholder’s world heavily affected by weather and climate change. Organic farming saves crops - and even reduces suicide rates.

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Drought, Crop Failure and Landgrabbing in India

Drought, crop failure, land grabbing - many Indian farmers live in a constant struggle. And some give up the fight.

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