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Ethiopia: Chaos Beyond Imagination

The program coordinator of our partner organization APDA talks about the unique challenges during the conflict in the north of Ethiopia.

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Hope for the old life

Our colleague Fasika traveled to the Afar region in Ethiopia. There she met two women who told her about their refugee experiences.

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Welthungerhilfe Warns of Hunger Crisis in East Africa

Coronavirus, Locusts, Droughts, and Violent Conflict: Welthungerhilfe Allocates EUR 500,000 for Immediate Emergency Aid

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Anger, desperation and fear: fleeing from Tigray

Ethiopia is in the throes of civil war. Many people are desperately fleeing to Sudan. But even there, the situation is critical.

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Welthungerhilfe Supports Refugees from Tigray

The military conflict in the Ethiopian province of Tigray is escalating. Thousands of families have to leave their homes.

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Drought, Locusts, Coronavirus, and now a Once-in-a-Century Flood

Following Flooding in East Africa, Welthungerhilfe is Providing 250,000 Euros for Emergency Assistance.

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Plague of Locusts: 500,000 euros of immediate assistance

East Africa and South Asia are suffering from a plague of locusts. Welthungerhilfe is providing 500,000 euros of immediate assistance.

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Drought and Resilience in Ethiopia

A drought, which is happening a mere 65 kilometers away, can't touch the people in the Ergo-District. Read about the reasons in our blog.

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Drought-Plagued Ethiopia: The Rains Come Too Late

Dr Till Wahnbaeck, Welthungerhilfe CEO, reports from his visit to Ethiopia.

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Drought in Ethiopia Threatening 10 Million People

El Niño induced crop failure and death of livestock in Ethiopia, leading to extreme hunger for upwards of 10 million people.

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