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Volcanic eruption in Congo: Humanitarian situation is worsening

Hundreds of thousands fleeing Goma are left without food, water, and shelter. Welthungerhilfe provides 150,000 euros for immediate assistance.

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DR Congo: Hundreds of Thousands in Desperate Need

People who have fled their homes in the Ituri province of the DR Congo are in desperate need of food, water, shelter and medicines.

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DR Congo before the Elections: Ebola, War and Hunger

According to the Welthungerhilfe, the situation of the people in Eastern Congo is worsening dramatically.

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A Catastrophic famine is looming in Eastern Congo

Actually, the country could feed itself, but peolpe have to flee their villages time and again.

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Refugee Camps and Road Construction

Despite the violence in Congo, the people are working towards a positive future.

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A War Against Women

Nowhere in the world so many women are raped as in East Congo. A hospital in Butembo offers medical and psychological help.

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After the Fighting in Eastern Congo

Welthungerhilfe is preparing supplies for more than 3,000 refugee families in the vicinity of Goma.

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