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100.000 € for victims of cyclone Amphan and coronavirus

Welthungerhilfe starts emergency aid in India and supports people affected by hurricane Amphan and the Covid-19 crisis.

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Two years on: Rohingya deserve justice

61 NGOs warn of worsening crisis in Myanmar and call for refugees’ engagement on safe, voluntary returns.

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One year into exodus of the Rohingya

One year after the Rohingya's flight from Myanmar, Welthungerhilfe is demanding more financial resources for refugees and host communities.

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Rohingya Tragedy Even Without a Flood

In the refugee camps in Bangladesh, many Rohingya are at risk of getting sick. "Hygiene assistans" protect the people from epidemics.

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Monsoon threatens Rohingya

Rohingya refugees from Myanmar face the threat of a disaster within a disaster. The cyclone and monsoon season is just around the corner.

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A Humanitarian Disaster with Little Hope

Welthungerhilfe staff member Jessica Kühnle traveled to Bangladesh and experienced the severe situation of the Rohingya on the spot.

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"They Came and Shot at Us"

Welthungerhilfe employee Disha Uppal visited refugee camp Bhalu Khali in Cox's Bazar, where over 615,000 Rohingya are seeking protection.

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Welthungerhilfe on the Desperate Situation of Rohingya

Welthungerhilfe is warning of a huge humanitarian catastrophe in Bangladesh and calling for rapid assistance for the Rohingya who have fled.

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Rohingya in Bangladesh Fighting for Survival

The situation in Cox's Bazar is unparalleled and unimaginable: More and more Rohingya arrive at the reception camp in Bangladesh.

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Rohingya struggle to survive

The influx of Rohingya since end of August has crossed more than 615,000 and the numbers are growing by the day.

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50,000 Euros Emergency Aid for Fleeing Rohingya

Bangladesh: Having fled, hunger and flooding looms

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"Water Is Not New to Us"

Bangladesh is the world's most vulnerable nation to climate change. For the everyday life of local people this has severe consequences.

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