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Afghanistan: “We Cannot Abandon People to Hunger!”

With an international donor conference coming up, Welthungerhilfe is warning of an escalation in the severe hunger crisis in Afghanistan.

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Afghanistan: This is the state of our saffron cooperative

After the Taliban takeover, the future of the saffron cooperative in Afghanistan is uncertain. But the women are not giving up.

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Afghanistan: The Humanitarian Situation Is Rapidly Deteriorating

Hunger and Poverty on the Rise in Afghanistan.

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Afghanistan: Help For People In Need Must Remain Possible

German aid organisations continue to stand by the Afghan people.

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Violent Conflicts and the COVID-19 Pandemic Are Exacerbating Hunger in Afghanistan

In the run-up to the Afghanistan conference, Welthungerhilfe warns that the number of people going hungry could rise to 13.2 million.

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Elections in Afghanistan

Welthungerhilfe: Number of civilian casualties are rising as well as fear of attacks.

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Innovative ideas to fight hunger

The Welthungerhilfe is increasingly developing and using digital services to get closer to achieving the "zero hunger" goal.

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Bracing For Winter In Afghanistan

How fuel-efficient stoves and ovens help one village stay warm and save on wood this winter

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Only Peace Can Bring The Answer

On 20 October a new parliament is elected in Afghanistan, while terrorist attacks, violence, poverty and hunger are part of everyday life for many...

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Earthquake in Afghanistan and Surrounding Areas

The epicentre of the 26 October earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7 was around 200 kilometres underground.

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Massive Earthquake in Afghanistan

Today, a powerful earthquake of 7.7 has shaken Afghanistan and the neighbouring countries Tajikistan, Pakistan and India.

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Help for Refugees in Afghanistan

Welthungerhilfe supports displaced people in Kabul.

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