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14.04.2022 | Blog

"I am proud to work for Welthungerhilfe"

For 60 years, Welthungerhilfe has been committed to a world without hunger and poverty. Some of our employees introduce themselves and their work here.

Welthungehilfe-Mitarbeiter Yohannes Belay beim Projektbesuch, Äthiopien 2020.
For 60 years, Welthungerhilfe employees have been working worldwide to promote sustainable food and nutrition security - including Yohannes Belay (center) in conversation with project participants in the highlands of Ethiopia's Amhara region.

Founded on December 14, 1962, Welthungerhilfe has now been contributing to a world without hunger and poverty for sixty years. Over the years, we have become a team of 3,000 employees in 35 countries, who work full of commitment and courage, with passion and professionalism for the common goal. Some of them introduce themselves here. 

Far-reaching impact: Employees in the projects

Our project managers are responsible for implementing the projects in the various countries. They coordinate the measures and are in direct contact with the country offices and project participants. 

Annalisa Lombardo

Country Director, Haiti: "I joined Welthungerhilfe in 2018, taking over the very challenging position of Country Director in Haiti. I have the responsibility to develop and manage an impact-oriented country program with the ambitious goal of helping Haitian households to achieve their right to a dignified life free from hunger and poverty. In a nutshell, this captures exactly what I am passionate about: human rights and social justice – and this beautiful yet torn Caribbean island with its vibrant people, ancient spirituality and colorful art."

Experienced local staff are important to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the project areas. They know the conditions, culture and circumstances on site best. 

Foundations for our work: security and transparency

Since Welthungerhilfe also works in countries where the security situation is difficult, we attach great importance to ensuring the safety of our employees in the best possible way. Josef Frei has been responsible for this for nine years.

Josef Frei

Security Officer, Germany: "I have been working for Welthungerhilfe for nine years now. My job is to ensure that the security system in each of our project countries works reliably at all times. To assess the situation there, we evaluate the risks twice a year. The result is a scale on which countries are classified from ‘safe’ to ‘highly dangerous.’ Based on this scale, I develop processes and procedures that enable our employees to work even in high-risk areas – continuing to provide vital support to the population. For us, security is a team effort! All levels are involved in order to respond properly to potential hazards."

Our colleagues appreciate many different aspects of working for Welthungerhilfe. Balasubramaniam Ramasubba and Ulla Förster are particularly proud of the organization's transparency. 


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