01.02.2012 | Report

1st Think Tank - Searchers Unlimited

Lateral thinkers from culture, media, economics and sport discussed the challenges for the work of Welthungerhilfe.

The participants were consciously not development aid experts. Instead, they came with fresh and genuine external views, in order to find answers, without barriers to thought, to fundamental questions: What would a fairer future world look like? Which paths must we take? How do we move away from a division of the world into ‘us’ and ‘them’ – to a new understanding of world citizenship?

What would a fairer future world look like?

The goal was to obtain impetus for more effective work by Welthungerhilfe and to gather insight into how we can initiate a consciousness process into our society. Welthungerhilfe wants to be a spokesperson for the move to a world society of greater solidarity and responsibility.

The young generation and mega trends

It was a matter of increased relevance of the work for young people – in the project countries as well as in Germany. As a further focal point, the participants worked on the influence of global mega trends, such as increasing urbanisation and scarcity of resources. Welthungerhilfe has begun to integrate the ideas and insights into its daily work and into future-oriented.

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