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Hunger in Yemen

Welthungerhilfe: We must not allow a second Biafra

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DR Congo before the elections: Ebola, war and hunger

According to the Welthungerhilfe, the situation of the people in Eastern Congo is worsening dramatically.

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India’s Organic State

Sikkim, India's smallest state, has the most inspiring tale to tell. It has risen from poverty thanks to its sustainable approach.

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Change of Leadership at Welthungerhilfe

Marlehn Thieme is Welthungerhilfe's new President.

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Rethinking Aid: Involving Crisis-Affected People

Crisis-affected people are the central agents in their own response and recovery. If local knowledge and contextual understanding are key for making...

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Demand: Vote for UN Declaration on Rights of Peasants

15 civil society organisations are demanding that the German Federal Government votes to adopt the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants.

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Support For Families In War-Torn Yemen

The scale of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen continues to increase. Welthungerhilfe supports ACTED in helping the most vulnerable families.

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Renewable energies protect people and the environment

Tajikistan is affected by the consequences of climate change. A Welthungerhilfe project opens up new ways for the rural population.

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Humanitarian Access Dilemmas

The situation in Idlib, Syria, where a military strike is imminent, shows the dilemmas aid organizations must deal with in a politicized context.

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Only Peace Can Bring The Answer

On 20 October a new parliament is elected in Afghanistan, while terrorist attacks, violence, poverty and hunger are part of everyday life for many...

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Forced Migration and Hunger: 4 Misperceptions

Are hunger and displacement caused solely by natural events like droughts? No, it’s not that simple.

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2018 Global Hunger Index

The 2018 Global Hunger Index reveals: Conflicts and crises put the progress that has been made in the fight against hunger at stake.

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