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Instead of brooding over the cancellation of our big charity runs in Cologne and Düsseldorf, we are organising the first virtual version of our popular running event from 9-12 July.

One thing is certain: your participation supports our work 100%. Your starting donation goes directly to our project countries and benefits the people there. They need you now more than ever! In these difficult times, it has become especially clear how immensely important joint assistance is, as the fight against hunger has become more challenging due to coronavirus.

What’s new: The #ZeroHungerRun Challenge 2020 is open to everyone across the world. Anyone can participate and the challenge categories are universally “manageable”: 30 or 60 minutes running or walking is the only requirement. Whether fast or slow, young or old, alone or in a (virtual) team – just run as many metres as possible in the chosen time window, track and upload your route and you're in!

Why #ZeroHunger?

We are fighting to eradicate hunger. With the worldwide spread of coronavirus, the work of our 2,500 employees in our 37 project countries is especially challenging. Even in these difficult times, they are committed to continuing the daily fight against hunger and poverty. Our worldwide support continues in line with necessary precautions and restrictions. Hygiene measures and the prevention of physical contact currently have top priority. We are thus supplementing our project work with a focus on education that is currently urgently needed. Help us to continue our work and defeat hunger despite COVID-19! Every euro, dollar (or any other currency) of your commitment will go directly to our project work and help Welthungerhilfe on the way to #ZeroHunger!

Wall of Fame

How your starting donation helps

Sponsors and partners

Original Bootcamp

The Original Bootcamp (OBC) has dedicated itself to the healthy fight against your inner demons. In more than 50 cities nationwide, the sports activists get people moving – for their own health and for the project work of Welthungerhilfe. The proceeds of the regularly held charity training sessions are passed on in full to Welthungerhilfe, thus supporting people in the Mugu region of Nepal, where Welthungerhilfe is implementing the project. On a trip to the remote villages of the project area, some of the bootcamp staff were able to see for themselves how their commitment pays off at the local level. Away from the training locations, the bootcamp also calls on its participants and fans to support Welthungerhilfe with their #bootforfood donation campaign. And also during the coronavirus crisis, the bootcamp immediately joined forces with Welthungerhilfe: with the online donation training you can keep fit at home and donate to Welthungerhilfe's coronavirus project work at the same time.


Short and concise answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Who is Welthungerhilfe and what happens with my donation?

What does it cost to participate in the #ZeroHungerRun Challenge 2020?

Will I receive a donation receipt?

If you so request during the online registration, we will gladly send you a donation receipt at the beginning of the following year. For group registrations, only the person(s) who registered will receive a donation receipt.

How to register for the #ZeroHungerRun Challenge 2020?

As with any other race, you enter your details here on the page so that you can compete for a ranking. In the confirmation mail you will receive a link with an access code, where you can enter and upload your race data later.

Which route should I choose?

You run where you want! Due to the risk of incorrect measurements, stadium laps are unfortunately not suitable for GPS watches. Tip: choose a flat or slightly hilly circuit between 2 and 5 km. Important note: Make sure the area has good GPS / mobile phone reception.

How long should I run for?

You can decide on 30 minutes or 60 minutes when you register for the challenge. In one of the chosen time frames you simply run as far as you can manage. We don't mind if you take part in both challenge categories of course. You have more than 3 days to complete the race...

What is the ranking system?

You simply enter the distance you covered manually. You will receive your personal entry code with the confirmation email. Please also upload the tracked performance as a gpx file (mentioned above) or send it by email to support(at)cologne-timing.de. There will be a final ranking based on total distance – for both the 30- and 60- minute categories. Additionally, a daily result list Thur - Fri - Sat - Sun will be created and the “Daily Hero” will be announced.

Are there rankings by age?

There is no classic age group ranking in 5-year increments, but instead an extra ranking using the age graded calculator. Your performance will be converted into points with an age factor according to birth year. It will be exciting to see which age-groups come out on top!

How can I participate in a team?

Please adhere to the current COVID-19 guidelines for group sports. But you can also run separately with friends, an organisation or running group as a team. You only have to agree on one name and enter it under “Team” for each individual registration. Your performance will be ranked as a team result.

How many runners can I register?

You can register as many runners as you want under group registration.

For larger teams of 10 or more participants we will be happy to help you with the registration.

How are teams ranked?

3 runners (mixed only) make up one team – please make sure that the names of the teams are the same.

The distance of 3 runners of one team will be added together.

Special ranking: The team with the most total distance will be honoured separately.

Which apps are supported?

If you run with a GPS-watch or measure your running distance via mobile phone with a running app, you can choose your own provider (e.g. Start 2 Run, Endemondo, Nike+, Strava, Garmin, Pacer, Fitbit, Runkeeper, Energy Lab Connect, runtastic etc.)

What if I don't have an app or GPS watch?

As you're entering the data manually, it is possible in exceptional cases to do this without uploaded app files. We just ask you to be honest.

What benefits will there be?

With a donation* of €10 or more you will receive a starting number and a digital certificate, from €20 you can choose your desired starting number and will receive a ZeroHunger gym bag along with the certificate. If you donate €45 or more, we will also send you our current “Running beats Corona” running shirt made from PET-recycled sea waste (see “Shirt” pictures).

You can order the shirt separately. For this we ask for a donation of €25. Small prizes to the runners who covered the most distance will be sent by mail. Instead of a donation or in addition, you can also set up your run as an online campaign and let your friends donate to it! You will receive instructions and a link in your confirmation email.

*Postage and shipping is only available within the EU.

Coronavirus measures

In all cases, please comply with the currently prevailing local regulations regarding COVID-19. Run alone and keep the prescribed distance from others. Please do not participate if you feel sick.

Can the distance also be covered on the treadmill?

Yes, participation on the treadmill is also possible.

Is it possible to participate in more than one challenge category?

Sure, why not? Just register for both categories. You have more than 3 days after all.

In which period is it possible to participate in the virtual run?

Data can be uploaded from the virtual start time Thursday 9 July, 6 pm (CEST) to Sunday 12 July at 11.59 pm (CEST).

Where can I find marketing material?

Thanks for wanting to advertise the run! You can share our Facebook event or this page.

Do I get a starting number?

Yes, you will receive your personalised starting number (from a donation of €10) in an email a few days before 9 July to print out. From €20 you have the possibility to choose your desired starting number up until 9999. As each starting number can only be assigned once, get in quickly! If you take a photo of yourself, it would be great if you wear your start number and hold up your ambassador plaque (comes with the confirmation)!

Where can I find the starter list?

You can find the participant lists here.

Where and when will the award ceremony take place?

We want to honour the best. Unfortunately, this cannot be done in person. Therefore, we will send your prizes by post* after the end of the event weekend.

*Shipping is only available within the EU.

What to do with my running photo?

Become a #ZHR Ambassador and upload your selfies and your pictures to Instagram with #ZeroHungerRun and @Welthungerhilfe. You will receive your starting number and an ambassador plaque as a pdf with the confirmation email. Your photo will be placed on our "Wall of Fame" on the #ZHR website.

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