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Your Legacy

Are you thinking of leaving part of your estate to promote a world without hunger? There are many ways to write your will, and a few points to watch out for. We will be happy to advise you!

Impressionen aus dem Millenniumsdorf Sarwan
In Sarwan, India, children learn to write on wooden boards. © Joerg Boethling
Marc Herbeck Consultant Founder Services

The first question is, who will inherit if you have no will? How should you write your will so it meets all the legal requirements? How can I make a contribution that lasts even when I am gone? 

We can help you to work it out, and we will be happy to let you know about the basic legal principles of will writing, and important questions such as statutory succession and inheritance tax.

Personal advice on how to write your will

Writing a will is always a very personal matter. Your particular situation plays a central role. There are also many ways to write a will, and it can take different forms. If you decide to support the work of Welthungerhilfe through a legacy gift, we can work together to find the right form for your will. If it becomes complicated, we will also be glad to recommend an experienced lawyer. It is particularly worth getting legal advice if you want to leave a large amount. 

Many people have nobody to handle execution of their will. We offer personal support for people who want to leave a legacy gift to support people in urgent need, and we help them with execution of their wills and grave maintenance. Welthungerhilfe is exempt from inheritance tax.

Roland Gingold, Welthungerhilfe

I have no heirs and I had to think of something. A foundation is something that lasts. So I started my own foundation with a reasonable amount of capital, and set up Welthungerhilfe as the heir.

Roland Gingold

Are you interested? If so, you can arrange a call back

Are you interested in supporting the work of Welthungerhilfe by leaving it some of your estate in your will? Please get in touch, and we will call you back at the time you prefer.

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