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Earthquake response arrives: People in Syria and Türkiye receive assistance

Our colleagues provide people in Syria and Türkiye with food, hygiene articles, winter clothing and tents.

Mitarbeiter:innen der Welthungerhilfe tragen Schaumstoffmatratzen in eine Notunterkunft
WHH's emergency response in Idlib includes 4,000 ready-made meals, blankets for 250 families, 250 mattresses and fuel for three facilities © Welthungerhilfe
Kerstin Bandsom Team Communications

The devastating earthquakes that struck Türkiye and Syria have left many people in need of urgent support. Many have lost their homes and need safe shelter. There is also a lack of food, drinking water, hygiene products and warm clothing to endure the dangerous cold.

WHH’s response in Syria: Distribution of bread, tents and warm clothes

Welthungerhilfe (WHH) is on the ground and, together with local partner organizations, is providing people with essential relief supplies.

In northwestern Syria, where the earthquakes compounded the effects of years of civil war, WHH is focused on lifesaving and sustaining assistance to the most affected people. In cooperation with our partner organizations SARD, SHAFAK and PAC, we are distributing bread, ready-made meals, tents and blankets, as well as hygiene items, warm clothes and fuel to people in the Idlib and Aleppo Governorates. WHH is also aiding the construction of emergency shelters, latrines and water tanks.

In cooperation with its Syrian partner organization SARD (Syrian Association for Relief and Development), WHH is building emergency shelters in Jabal Samaan in the Aleppo region. © Welthungerhilfe
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WHH partner SHAFAK has begun distributing bread bundles to people once again displaced in northwestern Syria. © Welthungerhilfe
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WHH staff distribute essential food items to people living in emergency shelter in Jabal Samaan, Aleppo © Welthungerhilfe
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WHH employees distributing essential supplies to people living in emergency shelter near the town of Jenderes in the Afrin District of the Aleppo Governorate. © Welthungerhilfe
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WHH and SARD staff unload relief supplies in Jabal Samaan, Aleppo © Welthungerhilfe
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WHH's emergency response in Idlib includes 4,000 ready-made meals, blankets for 250 families, 250 mattresses and fuel for three facilities © Welthungerhilfe
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WHH response in Gaziantep, Hatay and Diyabakır provinces in Türkiye

In the Hatay, Gaziantep and Diyabakır provinces of Türkiye, WHH has procured emergency response kits for distribution to 9,000 individuals, with the aid of our partners Leader Women association and AFAD. In the Hatay and Diyarbakır provinces, these kits include ready-made meals, water hygiene items, winter clothing and tents. In Gaziantep, we are distributing ready-made meals, baby diapers, hygiene products and other household items. In addition, a women's cooperative supported by Welthungerhilfe has set up a crisis center with a large soup kitchen. Every day, the cooperative is distributing up to 3,000 meals there.

On February 10, WHH teams distributed 500 food and 500 hygiene kits along with 400 sets of winter clothing items in the Kahramanmaraş province of Türkiye (the epicenter of the earthquake). © Welthungerhilfe
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The emergency aid packages packed in Mardin, Turkey, contain essential hygiene products for everyday use and food that requires little or no further preparation. © Welthungerhilfe
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The Sahinbey Women's Cooperative in Gaziantep province sets up a large soup kitchen for those in need. WHH co-finances the project. © Welthungerhilfe
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WHH Türkiye have joined forces with 80 members of the Yayladağı Mushroom Cooperative to volunteer in a camp set up for internally displaced people. © Welthungerhilfe
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The WHH-sponsored cooperative's goal is to address the needs of those affected by the earthquake in Yayladağı © Welthungerhilfe
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People in the affected regions urgently need support. Help us to support these people with further essential relief supplies.

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