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A man in white protective clothing with face mask

Welthungerhilfe COVID-19 Relief Fund

Help us meet people’s most urgent needs.

The COVID-19 Relief Fund is used exclusively to support Welthungerhilfe’s current partners. We do not accept unsolicited applications.

Laura Ploeger Foundation Partnerships Officer

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of us. It is especially devastating for the people who were already suffering from war, hunger, poverty, forced migration, and the effects of climate change. In Welthungerhilfe’s 36 partner countries, the fight against COVID-19 is a race against time. Every day counts. What happens now in the Global South—or what does not happen due to a lack of funds—makes the difference between life and death. With its coronavirus emergency assistance fund, Welthungerhilfe created an innovative financial instrument that can help fight the pandemic quickly and effectively.

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The COVID-19 Relief Fund: a tool for global solidarity

Screenshot vom Factsheet Corona-Nothilfefonds The COVID-19 Relief Fund

Complete information about the Welthungerhilfe COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Welthungerhilfe is using the COVID-19 Relief Fund to provide support where it is needed most during the coronavirus crisis. The initial €500,000 endowment enabled Welthungerhilfe to rapidly implement relief measures following the outbreak of the virus in the 36 countries we work in. These activities have expanded their focus to the indirect economic impacts of COVID-19. We need your donations to the COVID-19 Relief Fund to continue this work. 

Harness the power of the many – show your solidarity by joining the community combatting COVID-19. Our commitment to transparency means you will be kept informed about how the funds are used and the success of our work. 

Welthungerhilfe’s measures to combat the effects of COVID-19

Help us protect the most vulnerable during the coronavirus crisis

Maike Schopf Foundation Partnerships Officer

If you’d like more information before donating, please give us a call or send us an email. We will gladly answer your questions. 

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