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With school closures, forced isolation, and lockdowns, COVID-19 is having an enormous effect on our daily lives. Entire countries have come to a standstill, and the number of people infected with this new virus, SARS CoV-2, is rising by the day. Experts are warning that the healthcare system will collapse if the pandemic continues to spread unchecked.

The outbreak of COVID-19 represents a further significant threat to the people involved in our projects. For example, an outbreak in one of northern Syria's crowded refugee camps would have devastating consequences for a great many people. Because of the civil war, there is no functional healthcare system, and the level of hygiene is completely inadequate to the task of slowing the spread of the virus.

Solidarity During the Crisis: Our Work Continues

We now feel the impacts of global restrictions and emergency measures on our everyday work. However, we have the benefit of decades of experience in containing epidemics, such as outbreaks in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and DR Congo during the Ebola crisis, as well as cholera epidemics in Haiti, Zimbabwe and other countries. 

The global spread of coronavirus has left our 2,500 employees in our 37 project countries particularly vulnerable. In an audio message received by all staff, Welthungerhilfe's Secretary General Mathias Mogge shared some words of encouragement: “I am absolutely sure that we will be able to handle also this difficult period, but we need to do it together. I truly thank you for keeping our organisation, our programme and our projects running.”

Even at this difficult time, as far as the restrictions allow it, Welthungerhilfe's colleagues continue working with the communities in our project areas. “Although we need to isolate ourselves now, we still need to take care of those not as strong as we are”, added Mathias Mogge.

Handwashing is an important hygiene measure for fighting viruses.
Handwashing is an important hygiene measure for fighting viruses. This pupil in Malawi shows us how it is done. © Welthungerhilfe

Hygiene Saves Lives

Regular handwashing is essential to slowing the spread of coronavirus. We are therefore currently expanding our hygiene-improvement measures in project countries, especially in those that lack a basic sanitation infrastructure and a functional healthcare system. We are calling on our many years of experience with WASH measures (water, sanitation, and hygiene) and our established connections in villages to provide people with intensive training and to support local structures.

Welthungerhilfe's Measures Against the Spread of Coronavirus in Our Project Countries

We are working with our local partner organisations to adapt all measures to the specific needs and situations that present themselves in each area. Welthungerhilfe's efforts regarding COVID-19 are being closely coordinated with local governments, the UN, and other relevant actors, as well as complying with national COVID-19 regulations and response plans.

The people in our project regions need help and support now more than ever. With your donation, you can help us offer people the support they need so desperately right now.

Tried and Trusted

Welthungerhilfe stands for transparency and quality. The German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) has awarded us its seal of approval for how we handle donations because we guarantee the efficient and targeted use of your contributions backed up by verified accounts and information.

Our annual report lays out in detail how all donated funds are spent, providing you with a direct insight into our work. We attach a great deal of importance to transparency and cost-effectiveness. In accordance with Transparency International’s Transparent Civil Society Initiative, we also publish additional information, such as our statutes, our personnel structure, the names and titles of key decision-makers, and much more.

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Welthungerhilfe has been holding the DZI seal of approval for donations since 1992. The seal certifies that Welthungerhilfe is handling the funds entrusted to it efficiently and responsibly.