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Executive Board

The full-time executive board is in charge of running our affairs.

The Executive Board is in charge of running Welthungerhilfe's affairs. It works in compliance with Welthungerhilfe's charter and with the decisions of the General Assembly and requirements by the Supervisory Board. Take a look behind the scenes and get to know the members of the Executive Board here.

Dr. Till Wahnbaeck (CEO)

Dr. Till Wahnbaeck has been elected as Chief Executive Officer of Welthungerhilfe as of May 2015. The historian has worked in a variety of private enterprise management positions. The founder of a non-profit business consultancy for social projects and head of an educational foundation has shown that it is possible to combine a business position with social engagement.

Till Wahnbaeck's Twitter Account: @tillwahnbaeck

Mathias Mogge (Executive Director Programmes)

Mathias Mogge, an agricultural engineer and environmental scientist, has been working for Welthungerhilfe since 1998. The former development aid worker was responsible for programmes in East and West Africa, amongst other areas, and has been full-time Executive Director Programmes since 2010.

Mathias Mogge's Twitter Account: @Mattesnbm

Christian Monning (Chief Financial Officer)

Christian Monning joined Welthungerhilfe as Chief Finance Officer in February 2018. He is an expert in finances and brings in more than 30 years of experience in all sectors related to finances. He has been working in international industries and is a global thinking professional with a strong wish to make the world a better place.

Last Update 05.03.2018

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