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Foundations and Grantmakers

Laura Ploeger Foundation Partnerships Officer

Foundations and grantmakers support us in our fight for a world without hunger. Many choose to direct it toward specific Welthungerhilfe projects, though some prefer to make unrestricted gifts for general support. Find out below how our partners fund various Welthungerhilfe programmes and strategies.

German partners

The Tereska Foundation

Founded in 2008, the Tereska Foundation has partnered with Welthungerhilfe since its first activities, focusing mostly on children in forgotten disaster areas. Through Welthungerhilfe, the Tereska foundation has supported children with disabilities in Malawi and war-traumatised children in Syria, widowed women in Kenya, severely malnourished children in Liberia and drought-affected communities in Pakistan, along with participating in the rehabilitation of a hospital and the provision of physical and mental care to its patients in Congo.

Erbacher Foundation

The Erbacher Foundation wants to enrich life in rural areas. In Uganda, the foundation has been supporting a pilot project that introduced the pigeon pea as a high protein, year-round crop that helps diversify people’s diets and reduce soil erosion.


SKala is driven by the German entrepreneur Susanne Klatten in partnership with the think tank and non-profit consultancy PHINEO. The SKala Initiative supports about 100 high impact social purpose organisations (SPOs) with a total grant volume of up to EUR 100 million. SKala supports selected organisations active in one of the following fields in Germany and abroad: promoting an inclusive and participatory society; building skills and fostering civic engagement; bringing generations together; and disaster relief (with a particular focus on neglected humanitarian crises). SKala is funding a multi-sectoral project in Niger, to improve the precarious situation of almost 9,000 households in the Diffa region, including Boko Haram refugees and the host community.

International partners


GSMA Mobile for Development stimulates digital innovation to deliver both sustainable business and large-scale socio-economic impact for the underserved. In India, Mobile for Development, through the M4H Innovation Fund, is supporting the development and upscaling of the Child Growth Monitoran open-source app that uses augmented reality to detect malnutrition in children.

Drittes Millennium Foundation

The Drittes Millennium Foundation promotes sustainability in all sectors of society, placing equal emphasis on responsible behaviour in relationship to environmental, economic and social activities. In the West Amhara region in Ethiopia, the foundation supported a project aimed at securing the livelihood of the rural population, by conserving the region’s biodiversity, through the sustainable management and protection of the Combretum-Terminalia forest.

Charity: water

Charity: water‘s mission is to bringclean and safe drinking water to people in the Global South. In partnership with Welthungerhilfe, the organisation is increasing access to safe water and sanitation in Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

The Arcanum Foundation

One of the goals of the Arcanum Foundation is to provide fast and sustainable support in humanitarian disasters. In 2009 the foundation provided the initial capital to set up Welthungerhilfe's Emergency Fund and continues its support to this day. Thanks to this fund Welthungerhilfe can take immediate action in crisis situations without having to wait for earmarked donations and institutional grants.