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Coffee Circle

Coffee Circle has supported Welthungerhilfe and its projects in Ethiopia since November 2014.

Every year the founders of Coffee Circle travel personally to visit coffee cooperatives in Ethiopia. There they select the best coffees from each harvest, and hear from the people, giving them a very clear impression of their living conditions. By buying directly, Coffee Circle can ensure the coffee growers get fair prices, enabling them to improve their living conditions for themselves. For every kilo of coffee sold the company also invests one euro in social projects that are implemented jointly with the family farmers.

They started cooperating with Welthungerhilfe in November 2014. In Jimma in Ethiopia, clean drinking water, washing facilities and toilets will make a clear improvement to the living conditions of people in the coffee region. The company wants to invest 680,000 euros in these areas by 2017, making the most of its project experience.

Last Update 01.08.2018

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